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Loch Ronald

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Three Lochs, Loch Ronald Fishing
Three Lochs, Loch Ronald
Season Ticket

Season Tickets for Loch Heron are £100.00 per person, this also includes a Bivvy/Camper Van + £50.00

Day Ticket
  • £8.00 a day Per Person (Max 3 rods)
    (Midnight to Midnight)

Camper Vans
  • Camper Van Cost £15.00 per night
    Camper vans must be pre-booked 

Bivvy Sessions

Cost £6.00 per night per Bivvy: 

  • 2 days fishing and I night fishing (£22.00)

  • 3 days fishing and 2 nights fishing (£36.00)

  • 4 days fishing and 3 nights fishing (£50.00) 

  • 5 days fishing and 4 nights fishing (£64.00) 

Boat/Kayak Sessions
Contact to book!
  • £22.00 per boat or Kayak at £12.00 which includes your Fishing, £8.00 per person after that. 

  • Boat/Kayak season tickets which includes your fishing are available at £160.00 and £100.00 these can be purchased at the site office.

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