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River Fishing

The River Tarf (Airyligg Beat) is fly fishing only. A spate river, best fished after heavy rain, comprises three miles of salmon and brown trout. The boundary at the top of the beat is the stone wall that crosses the river approximately 200 yards below the Tarf bridge.

Both banks can be fished from this point down until you reach the foot bridge at Airyligg Farm.

From this point only the east bank (road side) can be fished until the conifer plantation (approx 1 mile downstream) is reached.

Please note: The Water Bailiff to be notified of any salmon caught.

Price Per Day



Salmon: 11th February - 31st October

Trout: 15th March - 6th October

River Fishing Rules

  • It is illegal to sell rod caught salmon.

  • No Sunday fishing.

  • Return all parr, fry, smolts and unclean fish. All hen fish caught in October must be returned. Do not return pike, perch or other coarse fish.

  • No more than one salmon per rod per week to be killed before 1 June. Fishermen are encouraged to return all fish up to 1 June.

  • No fishing by net, hook or other illegal instruments, including snatching.

  • No prawning, shrimping, live bait and no worming.

  • Fishing by fly only.

  • You may only fish with one rod at any time which must be hand held.

  • No permit holder shall in the event of a pool being already occupied, fish that pool in front of the angler already in possession but must go in behind them and the angler in front shall move on one step with every cast. Members and permit holders are expected to fish in a courteous manner at all times.

  • Wading is generally unnecessary and is strongly discouraged.

  • You must show your permit when asked by watchers or other authorised persons and allow inspections of your tackle and fish.

  • You must do everything you can to help prevent poaching and illegal fishing.

  • Dogs are not allowed except by express permission of the fishing proprietor.

  • People are requested to leave NO LITTER. No lengths of nylon or equivalent are to be discarded as this is a danger to wildlife.

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